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Hey There

Of course we love seeing your beautiful photos of our farm! 

However, we have some rules for professional photography to help keep our farm and customers safe. 

Please read and follow these guidelines if you wish to take photos at Garwood Orchards. 

Photographer Rules for Garwood Orchards

Thank you for your interest in taking photos at Garwood Orchards. We are thrilled that you value our location and what it has to offer for your client’s photos. We do ask that you follow a few simple guidelines as you use our facility


  • Individual client and family sessions ARE permitted if a client requests our location for their photos. However, please do NOT advertise Garwood Orchards as a session location for your clients.

  • Mini Sessions are NOT allowed at the farm.

  • Photography is only allowed during upick operating hours of 9am to 5pm. Please note that you will park in the designated parking areas for all customers and take the wagon rides to the orchard. This typically means at the farm market. If you have questions, please call Carey Garwood directly at 219-363-8060 for clarification.

  • For photography groups of 6 or less you will be considered a family group and charged the minimum family picking container fee of $20 (over 6 will be $10 per person) to board the wagons to go to the picking areas.

  • If your client is wanting pictures in our apple orchard you must purchase the minimum containers for entry. Please follow all picking rules as outlined for the orchard.

  • Please be respectful of other customers around you as to not interfere with their experience at the farm.

  • We discourage props. We do not allow large bags and there is not room for a variety of items on the wagon. 

  • Drones are NOT allowed.

  • All photos must be family friendly.

  • Pets are allowed but MUST BE LEASHED and common sense used in having pets around other customers.

  • If you publish any photos to social media, we ask that you tag Garwood Orchards to give credit for using our location.

  • Garwood Orchards assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.

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